How to change the background of a flash menu

How to change the background of a flash menu

Here is a tutorial to help you change the background of a flash menu.

The things you will need are:

  • Adobe Flash installed on your computer
  • The source code of a flash menu (.fla file)

Now lets begin, first you will need to open the flash menu by double clicking on the .fla file, this will load Adobe Flash.

Screenshot 1

Now click on the "Library" icon

Screenshot 2

Now look for the original background and right click it and click "Properties"

Screenshot 3

Now click on "Import", and a window will appear

Screenshot 4

Select your image file and click on "Open".
Make sure the image is 240x320

Screenshot 5

You will see your image on the right and just click "OK"

Screenshot 6

Finally, goto File -> Export -> Export Movie.

This will create your flash menu, with your own background.

Now all you need to do is upload it onto your phone. There is a tutorial on this in the "Tutorials" section.

That concludes the tutorial, if you get any problems or if the tutorial doesn't work, then just post a comment. Thanks