How to debrand your phone using Omnius

How to debrand your phone using Omnius

Here is a tutorial to help you debrand your phone, so you can enjoy all of your phone's features and remove the operator branding.

This method is not free

Use this tutorial at your own risk, i am not responsible for you damaging your phone. (Nothing should go wrong if you just stick to the tutorial)

Before we begin, make sure you have backed up everything on your phone and take out the memory card

Part 1: Changing your phone's CDA

1) Go here and register and activate your account

2) Go here to download Omnius and extract it using WinRAR

Step 3

3) Now double click "omnius_se.exe" and Omnius will now load

Step 4

4) Click on "Settings", then click on "Server Settings"

Step 5

5) Now the username and password of the account you created and then click on "Save changes"

Step 6

6) Now choose your phone from the drop down menu

Step 7

7) Now click on "Identify" and follow the instructions. This is to make sure your phone can connect to Omnius and everything is working well

Step 8

8 ) Now that everything is working well, click on "Flash"

Step 9

9) Now choose a generic customization and then click on "OK"

Step 10

10) Now just follow the instructions

11) Once finished, turn on your phone and go to "Menu->Settings->General->Master reset" and choose "Reset all"

12) After the reset, turn off your phone

Part 2: Debranding your phone

  1. Click here to download the Sony Ericsson Update Service, if you don't have it installed on your PC
  2. Run the Sony Ericsson Update Service
  3. Follow the instructions

If everything went smoothly, enjoy your debranded phone

That concludes the tutorial, if you get any problems or if the tutorial doesn't work, then just post a comment. Thanks