Missing Walkman logo mystery solved!

Missing Walkman logo mystery solved!

This is a common error I came across when converting Flash Lite 3 menus to Flash Lite 2. The menus would only show the Cyber-shot logo and not the Walkman one.

In the newer menus there is only 1 camera icon, as opposed to 2, therefore the code needs to be changed slightly to accommodate this, unless you go ahead and create a separate icon for non Cyber-shot phones, and modify the code to accommodate the new icon, alternatively you can take a shortcut :)

Just replace the line beginning with for (beginning of the for loop) in the checkPhoneType() function with this line:

for (i = 11; i >= 0; i--)

The line makes it check for a Walkman phone first, then it checks for a Cyber-shot phone. This is because, Walkman phones use the same camera icon as Cyber-shot phones, which resulted in the previous code recognising every phone as a Cyber-shot.

Now simply test your menu and it should now work