Custom Menu Creator 2.4

Custom Menu Creator 2.4

Custom Menu Creator now allows you to create menus for Sony Ericsson Elm, with support for its Calendar icon.

In addition, the icons have been upgraded to support the newer look of the latest Sony Ericsson phones.

The SourceCode.fla and SourceCodeAino.fla files can be edited but I would advise against that, as everything is done by the program, leaving the SourceCode(Aino).fla file an empty shell!

You MUST NOT change the actionscript or any variable names or delete any thing, as this will break the menu, and the menu WILL NOT work!

Also, you cannot export the menu using Adobe Flash, as some of the actionscript is missing and the background image and icons are missing, therefore use the program to create the menu for you.

Please Note:

The program will launch Adobe Flash and it will close it down after the menu is exported, the menu will be in the folder you chose to save it in, with the name you specified

You must uninstall the previous version of this application, before installing version 2.4, as the underlying structure has changed

Click here to download Custom Menu Creator 2.4

If you get any issues, then please leave a comment, thanks

All comments are appreciated!