Are we deleting your comments?

Are we deleting your comments?

We get many comments from you guys saying that we are deleting your comments, I assure you, we are doing no such thing.

This is how the comment system works on this site.

First you place a comment on the site,
The comment is stored in a moderation queue, waiting to be answered before it appears on the site,
In the mean time, you come back to the site thinking your comment has been deleted, in fact it is waiting to be answered.

I'm sure you've all been to sites where you place a comment and it appears instantly on the site, and you're probably wondering why we don't do that, well, the reason is because we don't want any spam on our site.

This site gets a lot of spam from *stupid* people, who have nothing better to do, and we don't want that kind of stuff appearing on the site, for all you guys to see, as its not pleasant, so we decided to manually approve every comment before it appears on the site. This does require extra work from us, but its worth it as it gives you guys a better experience.

I hope this clears up any confusion.